Truck Stop Alien

"Nullarbor pre-form psych aliens and truck stop frequenteurs of the night. Recommend a 'wassup' to your neighbour..."

-- Border Village Grudge Squad · 2012

TRUCK STOP ALIEN are a dark synth-psych duo from the most isolated city in the world Perth, Australia. Since 2018, TSA have self-released 5 EP's, a number of singles and have subsequently gained a loyal cult following in the underground dark scene. With a sound best described as The Jefferson Airplane with synthesizers, TRUCK STOP ALIEN record dark, poetic, psychedelic synth freak-out tracks that narrate and conceptualize elements of the abstract mind. In a world unsettled by confusion and fear, TSA provide a modern-day turn-on, tune-in, drop-out soundtrack to release you from it all.