War Data (2019)

01. Work for War
02. Ray Gun
03. Clutching to Life
04. 888
05. Star Drifting
06. What Was Left

Released incrementally from August 4th 2019 - 16th November 2019 as a series

Released exclusively on YouTube as an audio/visual album.
Audio copy only available as a Deluxe Edition when purchasing our Merch Pack on Bandcamp.
Limited to 9, there are 7 left.

Sometimes, It's Just the World (2020)

Not what it does.... but what it is...

01. Altered
02. Blades
03. Desolate (Extended Version)
04. Future (Making The Gun To Kill Time)

Pseudo-Revolution (2020)

A darker capture....

01. Highway Nowhere
02. Pseudo-Revolution
03. Dead-End
04. Ride

Building The Soul Of A Life That Never Knew Itself (2020)

Execute the cities that you need to inspire...

01. Star Killer
02. The Cave
03. Building The Soul Of A Life That Never Knew Itself
04. Invitation To Sleep

Corridors Of The Mind (2020)

An exclusive inside investigation into the infamous corridors of the mind...

01. Corridors
02. Flight Guide
03. Slow Heavy Seconds
03. Slow Heavy Minutes
05. DP24 ElectroParty (TRUCK STOP ALIEN Remix)
06. The Consequential View
07. This, Our Low